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Knowledge of Self..

Why should I pretend

Why should I pretend 
If is right I will surely show it 
If is wrong I will surely rebuke it 
I sure got a soul 
Right deep down my heart 
It so dwells 

Why should I pretend 
Life is beautiful 
If only one understand 
His soul first 
For you can't gave what you don't have 
Either can you understand 
What you don't know 

Why should I pretend 
Why pretend when all is not right 
Why lie when there is a truth 
Why not be brave 
It could had been better 
Since now life is like a game 
So all best to do is pretend 
And follow all invoke 
So now when you look into 
The eyes of the people 
You sure see fear 

Why should I pretend 
Coward are produce 
Each day a lot now 
Lack of self knowledge 
Is like a dig of a diamond 
So rare in places 
I don't know how this is 
This possible
Yet I know fear is our modern 

Why should I pretend
Real self power I adore 
Self knowledge I worship 
Self creativity I dream of 
Self sacrifice I live for 
So I am not a pretender 
As on this quest I wonder 
Why should I pretend 


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