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New Skills….. a Summer Program in partnership West Norwood & Tulse Hill Consortium

Introduction to Boxing  – Facilitated by Norwood Community Group Services.

Young people from all over Lambeth disabled and non disabled attended the introduction to boxing course and thoroughly enjoyed their learning experience, all sessions were facilitated at the Old Library Hub in West Norwood

This activity was one of many delivered via the West Norwood and Tulse Hill consortium throughout the summer holidays, in conjunction with Young Lambeth Cooperative.

Many young people successfully completed the AQA Introduction to Boxing due to their ability to perform all tasks correctly, below is a list of the challenges they faced.


Intended Outcomes:

1 Attend and participate in a given boxing training programme
2 Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
3 Adhere to a code of conduct during all training sessions
4 Show maturity, self-discipline and a responsible attitude
5 Show respect for peers
6 Listen to and follow orders from the instructor without dispute
7 Use given equipment, e.g. mitts and pads, correctly and responsibly, with assistance where necessary
8 Participate in warming up and cooling down activities, as instructed
9 Perform at least two arm and two leg stretches correctly
10 Perform and name at least three different punches, eg jab, hook, upper cut
11 Use correct footwork
12 Bob and weave correctly and effectively
13 Control and co-ordinate own body movements correctly and appropriately
shown knowledge of
14 The names of at least four muscles being stretched during a warm up
15 The two different stances, ie orthodox, southpaw
acquired an understanding of
16 The importance of a positive attitude and mature behaviour during training sessions
17 The importance of self-discipline
18 The importance of warming up before training and cooling down after training
19 Developing self-awareness, self-discipline and self confidence
20 Developing own boxing skills.



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