Norwood Community Group Services are seeking sponsors to underpin and support our community projects.  NCGS is run by local people. Our key aim is to support our community through sport, education and positive engagement activities.

What’s in it for you?

Benefits for giving are many, the main aim would be to gain exposure for your business whilst supporting a cause or event that you think is worthwhile and either actively or silently participate in the success of  this event at your own discretion.

The club is looking for sponsors who are willing to help in a variety of different ways, either through one-off or regular donations – in order for the projects to keep running – or by sponsoring one of our chosen events. Alternatively as part of your corporate social responsibility you can put forward your proposal to support young people, we have the professionals to deliver.

In exchange, we will add your logo to all of our advertising leaflets and any event posters or public paperwork, along additional benefits e.g. t-shirts with logos (to be discussed with Project Director) stating that the event was generously funded by your company.

Our Young People

We have a significant amount of young persons who benefit from our programmes who come from disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds. We aim to give our young people the best opportunities possible through sport and education and give them a positive alternative to negative recreational activities. We also accredit many of our programmes through  the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance accreditation scheme, giving young people something tangible and a sense of achievement and empowerment with all projects they undertake with us.

We always encourage our sponsors to meet our youth (and view the activities where possible!) so that the youth can show their thanks and respect to you in person. This is your optional choice.

Please click the link below and view our projects pass and present.


How to sponsor:

Please get in touch and we can discuss options for your specific area of interest.

Please see below examples of sponsorship opportunities and costs.


Project: 1 Health & Wellbeing
Kickboxing @
The Elmgreen School
Weekly Venue hire £25 per hour x 2 hours £50.00
Elmcourt road West Norwood SE27 9BA 1. Teacher black belt 5th Dan £25 per hour x 2 hours £50.00
All Activities Insurances: Public Liability/ Professional indemnity £500.00


Project: 2 Health & Wellbeing
Karate@ The Old Library Hub Weekly Venue hire £25 per hour x 2 hours £50.00
14-16 Knights Hill West Norwood SE27 0HY 2. Black belt 5th Dan/Teachers £180.00 Monthly (special rate)
Off Site Activities  SPONSORSHIP COSTS
Brighton on Sea Fun-day trip with 13 Young People x 2 staff/volunteers  Food/refreshment x 1 Yp £10.00  Travel card £7 Entry ticket x 1 Yp £15
Educational/Health & Wellbeing 13 Young People to partake in educational trips/workshops x 2 facilitators/ volunteers Food/refreshment x 1 Yp £10.00  travel card £7

Facilitators x 2 (workshops) @25 per hour x 2 hours

Sporing Events Karate/kickboxing events with 13 Young People x 2 staff/ volunteers Food/refreshment x 1 Yp £10.00  travel card £7

Entry ticket x 1 Yp £10

Boxing Gloves Small/Medium £10 per Student
Karate suit/ Kyi Small/Medium £ 30 per student
 Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) Accreditation  All users  £20.00 per accreditation

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