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The Open World Project…A project Co- Produced by Young people Addressing Worldly issues.

Project Plan

Project location: The Old library

Project Title: Open World Project

Date starting: 18th  April 2013

Stakeholders: Lambeth Cooperative Council and Norwood Community Group Services (NCGS)
Programme Director: Jamal A Rahman -Lead Worker Carl LameyECM areas: Positive Contributions, Enjoying and Achieving and Being safe. Learning about what contributes to the World/society. NCGS Support : Shurelle Lewis
Analysis of need: There is a strong need to educate the young people of West Norwood and surrounding areas about Worldly affairs that have contributed and’ continue to contribute to the world today. NCGS believe that this project will contribute to educating the young people on the world that we live in today, whether its positive or negative factors that contribute to the make-up of our world.We intend to deliver this project in a structured setting over a 7 weeks period. We have prepare a project that will include trips, food and refreshments. This program will be delivered in a safe environment and has been planned and prepared in co-production with young people.
Baseline: The Project is set to help young people explore what takes place around the world and how it contributes the globe. We will explore past and present events and their impact, and why these events are particularly important.The six topics will be based around; crime, history, science, social life, and education and employment. We will look at the affects they have on the globe whether positively or negatively, this will be done over a 7 week period in an educational environment. There will also be trips during this 7 week period, food and refreshments will be provided as well as travel expenses catered for.The purpose of the project is to give young people a better understanding of the world and what takes place in other parts of the globe. We will explore differences and similarities, and have open question and answer sessions as well as; worksheets. We also watch films and short video clips and have feedback and discussions to enhance this learning experience.

  • To educate young people of what happens around the globe.
  • To educate young people on how and why this contributes to societies around the world.
  • To educate young people on past and present events and whether these events are positive negative.
  •  To help them be open by expressing their views and concerns.
  • To help young people understand how each element links to each other.
  • To help young people feel confident to face the world in a positive and realistic manner.
  • To help young people have an understanding of how things could have been done differently in the past, and how it things can be done differently in the future.
  • Help young people enjoy and achieve in a safe and welcoming environment.



  • To create open minded and respected views of the community
  • To have discussions open but to the point, and involving each and every individual.
  • To implement variety of activities to enable good interaction with each other and to keep them stimulated.
  • To get young people to engage and think in an open and realistic manner on what happens around the globe.
  • To enable young people to be confident and aware of positive a negatives things that happen around the globe.
Intended Outcomes:

  • To be more aware of things that contributes to the globe.
  • For youth to be able to identify positive and negative contributions around the world and how they affect society.
  • To have knowledge of all five elements and their contributions to society.
  • To understand the importance of education, employment and social life and be able to make a distinction between them.

  • Meetings with young people
  • Planning and preparations.


Markers of success:

  • Positive contribution.
  • High attendance
  • All Young people have enjoyed their learning experience
Prepared by: Carl Lamey

Agreed by: Jamal Abdur-Rahman


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