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Jamal Rahman proves it’s never too late to change your life around!

How did you manage to turn your life around after years of crime?

”I decided I was worth more than this and would never do crime again”.

“When I came out that last time,” said Mr Rahman, “I was 29, I had read lots of books and something inside me clicked — I decided I was worth more than this and would never do crime again.” But going legit was hard. “I had no qualifications, a criminal record, and two children to support. The one thing I had was a reputation as a person who could handle himself. So I decided to train and start my own security company.”

Your parent’s marriage fell apart and you were left to fend for yourself at the tender age of 14, which led to a life of crime, with no father to guide you, would you say this is the plight facing many young people today?

“Yes unfortunately many young people face similar situations, the break-up of the family unit can have a devastaing effect on children especially when there are no role models in your life or food on the table”

I understand that your business took you all over the world, and you worked for the like of Beyoncé, James Brown, the Saudi royal family and the American actor and hip-hop star Mos Def. Was it easy for you to start your own business?

It all depends on your vision and resources, first and foremost you must have a plan to achieve your objectives. Self esteem and belief in yourself is key to success, as only you can make your own realities. I started out by doing some research in the field of work that I was interested in, looking at outputs, governance and overall costs allowed me to plan according to my budget.

I was determined and remained steadfast regardless of the challenges and obstacles faced, it isn’t easy, however “if there is a will there is a way”.

You also became a VIP door-work at the Emporium, a West End nightclub then favoured by footballers such as Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke, how did that make you feel?

This made me feel that I too was special and that everyone is special in their own right, it made me realise that we have to work on what were good at to achieve our goals. Once you are able bodied and understand what is right and wrong, really there is no excuse to sit around complaining “life is what you make it”

You felt that you had much more to offer and started a local charity, what was the driving force behind this?

I had a vision that I could help other “lost, struggling” youngsters and started Norwood Community Group Services in Lambeth. Starting with nothing, I got seed funding and built a £40,000 programme that now helps hundreds of marginalised young adults by offering them weekly sports programmes as well as courses giving practical routes into employment.

How can young people like you, turn their lives around?

Sacrifice! This will mean stop hanging around with waste men/side men and start doing the right thing…. “Show me your company I will tell you who you are” and “if you lay with dogs you must catch flees” two sayings with plenty of wisdom in them. First everyone must look at themselves in the mirror, if you don’t like the life you’re living change it. Everyone is responsible for their own actions unless you have mental health issues or are severely disabled.

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