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Jamal Rahman presented with the Lord Scarman award

On Wednesday 27th March 2013, Jamal Rahman, the founder of Norwood Community Group Services, was presented with the Lord Scarman Award, for his amazing Karate programme that he runs for local youths, every Monday evening that teaches defensive and self-discipline skills.

The Award was presented during a ceremony conducting by former Lambeth’s Mayor, The Mayor Councillor Clive Bennett, as part of the Annual General Meeting of the Council in the Council Chamber, at Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton, London.

Council leader Councillor Lib Peck said: “This is a real celebration of some of the best of Lambeth.

“You are winners of these awards because of the amount of effort and contributions you have put into making your communities much better.”

Jamal has been providing a Kickboxing and Karate programme for local people of all ages since 2006.  In addition to defensive skills, the programme encourages self-discipline, how to stay healthy and to respect each other; offering a subtle form of awareness that has benefited many young local people giving them a sense of purpose.

Students from a diverse background enjoy attending the programme and for many of the younger attendees, it has proved a positive focus for them, keeping them off the streets and out of trouble.

Jamal did not just speak about his concerns for the youth; he has acted upon it and helped to develop and improve the lives of the next generation”, Lambeth Council.

I am honoured to receive The Lord Scarman Award; it means so much to me as a black male living in inner London, particularly with what Lord Scarman achieved – raising awareness on the plight of our disadvantage community, and what changes needed to be made, in his report conducted in light with the Brixton riots that occurred in 1981.  I can resonate totally with many young people today, back then, I was also left with very little to occupy my time.  I am happy to give back and help young people in my community to remain fit, healthy and focused”, said Jamal.

In addition to the Karate programme, Jamal also runs a football session every Friday evening at Elm Green School in West Norwood.

Jamal Rahman – The Lord Scarman award for his loyalty and dedication to the people of Lambeth through his karate programme which encourages and teaches self-discipline, how to stay healthy and to respect each other – the programme has benefited many young people in giving them a sense of purpose in a clean and caring environment.







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