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Fit 4 Life Football @ Elm Green School…..

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes up Football?

You do hopefully!  There is a different variety of people, who train at Elm Green School.  We tend to attract people who want to get fit, meet new people and have fun.  The average ages of the users are from seven – upwards though the age range varies considerably.

I’m really unfit – does this matter?

No. Training is geared towards what you personally can do so you don’t need to be fit to start.  You will certainly get fit through regular training, we warm up by doing specific strength or fitness building exercises.

Does it hurt?

Bumps and bruises are inevitable in any sports.  We don’t do hard tackling so these are kept to a minimum.  More serious injuries than these are extremely rare.  If you’re not at a high fitness level then you are likely to ache a day or two after your first session, but this vanishes as you continue to train.

Is it very disciplined?

Yes!  We don’t tend to shout at people as encouragement works much better.  We don’t tolerate disruptive behavior; all we ask for is  for mutual respect.

How often do I have to come?

We like students to train regularly as it is much easier to follow their progress, but how often you train is completely optional. At the moment our sessions are only once a week, it is our intention to increase the sessions   All you need to remember is that Football like any other skill, requires practice and the more you come the quicker you’ll progress.

What sort of stuff will I learn?

You’ll start with the simplest techniques e.g. Ball controls, passing and understanding that this game is all about team work. You’ll eventually be able to do some quite spectacular techniques.



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