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Jamal returns to give gang talk

11 March 2013



Norwood Community Group head, Jamal Rahman, gave an inspirational talk to disadvantage young people at Kingston Crown Court, the court that convicted him as a teenager, thirty-two years ago.

It was ironic that Jamal Rahman, Norwood Community Group, (NGCS), Chief Executive, would return to Kingston Crown Court on Wednesday 6th March, on the very day that convicted him some thirty two years ago, now as a successful entrepreneur, to give an inspirational talk to young disadvantage people, deterring them from the world of crime.

Kingston Crown Court was in full swing last Wednesday, as young black men from across the borough, listened intensively to inspirational speakers from across the city share their personal stories on the impact on gang culture.
“I was just like you some thirty five years ago, my parents broke up and I was left to fend for myself which unfortunately led me to a life of crime”, said the NCGS head.

“You too can change your life around before it’s too late”, said Jamal.
“When I left prison, I took a good look in the mirror and decided that I did not want to return, I started my own Security business that took me over all the world, I now teach and train Security and run a local Charity that I started six years ago, to help young disadvantage people and the community”, said Jamal.

The Fight For Change Programme Project that is designed to provide opportunities for young people through boxing, is being spearheaded by Superintendent Darren Williams, Met Police Merton.

The event was attended by the Home Office, Ending Gangs and Youth Violence EGYV, Benefits Agency, Merton Priory Homes, Moat Housing, Merton Borough Council (Education, Turnaround, Families, Numerous), Youth Project Workers, (YOTS, Social Services), Wandsworth Borough Council (Education, Turnaround, Families,YOTS, Social Services) Merton Police Wandsworth Police Merton Gangs Mentor Project, Croydon Police, Daniel Ajai Charity and Mamaa’s (Mothers Against Violence).


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